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Check out the videos below.  The "demo" video shows parts of 6 tunes.  The "solo" offers a short drum break around 1:47. Bayshore Community Church is the "Grinch".  The rest are self explanatory.

Come Fly With Me (iphone video)

Pamala Stanley Band

Moonbeam (solo)

Waiting On The World

BSCC Christmas 2020

KoKo Blue Demo

Here are a few tunes for reference. "Autumn Leaves" is a simple big band tune. "Neptune" is an example of a bass driven instrumental with good drum work and a tempo change at 1:47. "High Cost 'o Loving" is a blues tune.
  • Autumn Leaves
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  • Neptune
  • Chris Coggins
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  • High Cost o' Lovin'
  • Gary Jackson
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